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“Haiti Christian Development Fund – Building a Sustainable Community”

With the recent earthquake in Haiti, funding for reconstruction has become an important concern. It is a good time for people to help and make a difference. The population in Haiti is over 11 million people and it is difficult to come up with enough resources for them all. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and recent natural disasters have worsened the already precarious living conditions. Haitians urgently need help with emergency supplies, shelter and medical care. Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and without access to adequate food or clean water.

Helping people recover from these disasters is not a simple task because of the need for funds, equipment and volunteers. We know it will be a challenge to ensure that every penny goes towards the relief effort. There are many charities that are providing information on how you can get involved in helping them out. Haiti Christian Development Fund (HCDF) is one of them. Donating to Haiti Christian Development Fund is a good idea because they have been working in Haiti since 1980.

About Haiti Christian Development Fund

For over 40 years, Haiti Christian Development Fund has been at the forefront of providing multiple services for the Haitian people. This is a non-profit organization that proclaims the love of Christ through actions. Through the years of operations, many of the team of volunteers moved to Haiti, so they can have a personal experience of what the people face each day. Part of our ministry is to walk in the shoes of the Haitian. This means our family members, including kids, become part of the community. With our own kids involved, we make sure that the community is getting solutions to their problems. Therefore, donating to HCDF is crucial to our existence.

Services Offered

Our message is Christ-centered, as we use our skills and resources to create sustainable measures to help the Haitians to help themselves. These methods include:

Education - When we arrived in Fond-des-Blancs, many of the children did not have the opportunity to get an education. Now, nearly all the kids are going to school and some are pursuing secondary education. This is unheard of in other parts of Haiti. Our educational program has continued because of generous folks donating to HCDF. Educating the children is a tremendous benefit in pushing them toward future success.

Agriculture - In 2012, we started a program to help the Haitian people grow more of their own food, so they will not have to depend solely on foreign aid. It has been difficult because of land erosion. However, we still have managed to farm 800 acres and have plans for 2000 acres. We are planning on purchasing more farm equipment, teaching farmers how to plant effectively and setting up an irrigation system.

Building Community - When you donate to HCDF, you will help us to build up the community. Throughout the years, we have improved the roads in the area and have built multiple structures. But more importantly, we are trying to build a sustainable community, in which the people can continue to progress.

Contact Us

To donate to Haiti Christian Development Fund or get more information about the programs we have in place, feel free to visit or call 619-439-6638.

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