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Our Story

Bring Good News to the Poor! A look at our Founders' story of living a life embodied to serve, labor and bear fruits.

Our Founders Story

Jean and Joy Thomas moved from the US to Port au Prince, Haiti in 1982 with the hope of finding a place to serve. The two ended up in Fond des Blancs which was not being served at the time and they embodied the spirit of cooperation and motivation necessary to get involved in programs that met their own needs.

Paul Thomas, the brother to Jean who first discovered Fond des Blancs wrote a report describing Fond des Blancs in four words; needs, problems, challenges, and opportunities.

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Early Life in Fond des Blancs

Now living and starting a family in Fond des Blancs, Jean and Joy experienced firsthand some of the hardship of the community. The first and biggest struggle was access to fresh clean water.

A study showed that 15% of babies died at birth and another half died by the age of twelve from poor nutrition and from diseases directly associated with poor water supplies. With a grant of just $10,000 and the might of a unified community, that understood the importance of the moment, they listened and followed the voice of survival and the desire to improve their lives. They volunteered to do the work necessary to bring clean water to the entire community.

This water source has survived natural disasters, droughts, and it has never stopped flowing clean fresh water for nearly 40 years. ​

Watch HCDF's Journey So Far  

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Be Part of Our Mission

Haiti Christian Development Fund's mission has been possible with the help of our different partners. Be part of our Holistic community today

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