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Empowering Change: Turning Plastic Waste into Prosperity in Fond des Blancs

In Fond des Blancs, Haiti, we are driven by a commitment to community development. Our transformative mission, 'Igniting Progress: Transforming Plastic Waste into Sustainability,' addresses the urgent challenge of plastic pollution. We prioritize sustainability, environmental preservation, community empowerment, and creativity. Your support is crucial to promote sustainability, innovation, education, and empowerment. Your donation fuels progress, empowers individuals, and paves the path to a sustainable future. Together, we illuminate the journey from waste to sustainable opportunities, forging a brighter future.

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Our Mission

In the heart of Fond des Blancs, Haiti, where community development is our calling, we are embarking on a journey that promises not just change, but transformation. Having witnessed the resilience and potential of this community, we are poised to unleash its boundless possibilities together.

The Challenge: Plastic Pollution in Fond des Blancs Imagine a place where pristine landscapes meet crystal-clear waters—a paradise that has been marred by a relentless wave of plastic pollution. Our beloved Fond des Blancs, like many corners of the globe, stands at a crossroads, facing an environmental crisis that demands our attention.

Our Solution: Precious Plastics Recycling Program But we are not ones to simply watch; we are catalysts for change. We have forged a partnership with Precious Plastics, a beacon of hope for sustainable solutions. Together, we are about to unveil a revolution—a recycling program that will:

  • Rescue the Environment: We will cleanse our land of plastic waste, nurturing the very soil that sustains us.

  • Empower the Community: We will breathe life into the dreams of our people, offering jobs, skills, and newfound independence.

  • Unleash Creativity: From discarded bottles to forgotten bags, we will transform waste into artistry, crafting a brighter future for Fond des Blancs.

Why We Need Your Support: In this defining moment, we reach out to you, fellow believers in the power of change. The Precious Plastics recycling program needs your support to set its wheels in motion. Your contribution will fund innovation, education, and empowerment.

Your Donation Ignites Possibilities:

  • $25: Fuels the spark of creativity through materials for recycling training.

  • $50: Breaths life into the program by helping build the recycling machines.

  • $100: Empowers a community member, providing training and a pathway to self-reliance.

  • $250: Lends strength to the foundation by establishing a collection point.

  • $500: Sparks a wave of transformation, driving the growth of the recycling program.

Together, We Illuminate a Path to Prosperity!

How to Illuminate the Way:

  • Visit our shining fundraising page

  • Be a beacon of change by sending a check payable to Haiti Christian Development Fund to P.O. Box 152957 San Diego, CA 92195.

  • Connect with us at for a deeper conversation about substantial contributions and powerful partnerships.

Join the Journey to Illuminate Fond des Blancs: By supporting our cause, you're not merely tackling plastic pollution; you're lighting up a path toward prosperity for Fond des Blancs. Together, we're transforming waste, replacing darkness with light, and turning challenges into opportunities for a more sustainable future.

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