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Giving Tuesday 2023

For 40 years, HCDF has championed community development in Haiti. This Giving Tuesday, be part of our multifaceted vision: foldable container homes provide resilience and affordability, laying the foundation for educational growth. This nurturing environment is further strengthened by our recycling initiative, which not only fosters environmental responsibility but also recycles plastics into valuable educational tools and household items. Through housing, education, and environmental care, we're crafting an interconnected pathway to a brighter, sustainable Haiti. Join us.

About the Campaign

Sustain, Educate, Empower

The Haiti Christian Development Fund (HCDF) is thrilled to announce our Giving Tuesday Campaign: "Sustain, Educate, Empower." We recognize that effective community development in Fond des Blancs cannot be achieved through isolated efforts but requires an integrated, holistic approach. This campaign is designed to generate resources that will support interconnected initiatives in education, housing, and environmental responsibility.


Why It Matters


The communities in Fond des Blancs face challenges that are interconnected, requiring solutions that are equally comprehensive. Without stable housing, education suffers. Without education, environmental stewardship is compromised. Our approach aims to address these elements as part of a larger ecosystem, fostering conditions under which every individual can thrive, irrespective of age, background, or profession.


How Your Donation Helps


Education: Contributions will go towards adopting a more creative curriculum, empowering both students and educators to unleash their fullest potential.


Housing: Funds will facilitate the construction of expandable container homes, providing rapid, cost-effective, and sustainable housing solutions.


Environmental Responsibility: Donations will support our recycling initiative, aimed at enhancing public health while creating local employment opportunities.


Get Involved


Donate: Your financial contribution is the most straightforward way to make an immediate impact.


Share: Utilize social media to spread the word. Use our campaign hashtag #HCDFGivingTuesday2023 to join the conversation.


Volunteer: Time and expertise are invaluable. Reach out to learn how you can be part of our on-the-ground efforts.


Fundraise: Create your own mini-campaign to support HCDF. We can help set this up; contact us for more details.


Together, let's weave a tapestry of initiatives that uplift each other, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Thank you for being a catalyst for meaningful change.

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