Community Development

Tackling the Issue

The HCDF has initiated and managed many projects, and partnered with others in the Fond-des-Blancs community since the early 1980s in comprehensive holistic community development. All endeavors stem from the model of John Perkins and his pioneering message for holistic Christian community development (the Three Rs) with these foundational goals: Spiritual Healing, Education, Leadership Development, and Community Development.


Experience Haiti Christian Development Fund

Working Towards a Brighter Future

The ministry of the Haiti Christian Development Fund in Fond-des-Blancs continues to evolve as needs arise. Port au Prince is a pile of rubble and everyone is calling for decentralization. We want to start the process here in Fond-des-Blancs. As HCDF looks to an even larger geographical area of involvement, the plans are to do the following:

  • Student Sponsorship

The numbers in the L’Exode schools continue to rise, and with the addition of university-supported students, there is a great need for many more child sponsors. Less than 10% of the L’Exode students currently have sponsors. More information about the HCDF child sponsorship program can be found here.

  • Educational Facilities

Many of the same buildings used as church sanctuaries also house the schools. Several of the churches are expanding their present facilities and others need to construct new buildings. Some do not even have the bare necessities. A modern high school campus is now in place, with plans to expand as we continue to add new groups of students, while the primary schools and six satellite schools need resources to create the environment for even more effective education.

  • Coop Needs

Over the years, HCDF has opened or improved over 200 miles of road. Having the equipment to maintain those roads is a high priority. The Credit Union is in need of new capital in order to respond to the growing demands for small business loans. The new agricultural coop project will provide food for the schools as well as increased production, income, and job opportunities for the people in the community, but requires many resources. There are many needs to improve the way of life for the people. 

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