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Holistic Development: What Does It Take to Restore Communities?

What is considered essential to rebuilding communities? Before answering this question, it is imperative to know that the Haiti Christan Development Fund has a compelling mission. The mission is to develop blossoming communities centered on “self-sustainability” with a holistic vision for community development. We want to be a course for constructive change. Also, we see the importance of every person. Please see our “About Us” page for more information.

To answer the previously mentioned question, the restoration of communities is, in essence, the rebuilding of local society. We believe it is possible to help communities flourish with a holistic plan. It is essential to comprehend related dynamics to begin planning for reconstruction on every level. Likewise, this involves the emotional restoration of entire communities.

Community Restoration

The restoration of a community requires several elements, like active problem solving and lively participation. However, there are generally six different phases a community goes through after a disaster, earthquake, storm, or economic devastation. The phases include different emotional states and can impact how a community heals. Societal restoration starts with the people who live in the community on a personal and micro-restorative level. The Haiti Christian Development Fund understands the impact of catastrophic events within communities, especially in Haiti.

Holistic Development

Today, there are many descriptions available concerning a holistic approach. However, we believe that a holistic approach looks at a human being as a whole and not only their economic circumstances. It is important to focus on the complete problem when addressing the restoration of communities. In addition, this includes spiritual hope, infrastructure, governmental, business divisions, and the restoration of everyone’s morale as a community.


Participation is significantly critical in the rebuilding of a community. A holistic approach allows everyone to participate within their community to make it better. By participating in making the community healthier, we can promote a sense of belonging for everyone in the community. Also, this allows everyone in the community to have access to building social support that is stronger and gaining recognition and acceptance.

Self-sustainability is very important for a community to thrive in the long term. Also, everyone in the community can develop new skills and improve the skills sets they already have. A holistic approach increases the chance of every individual feeling a sense of purpose through contribution. There are several ways that involvement can happen through the Haiti Christian Development Fund. Some of the ways that you can get involved include contributing through farming, community development, education, and sponsorship.


We are committed to a holistic approach to making Haiti better. There are several ways that you can help as well. Options include the teacher development campaign, where you can donate to make education not only accessible but better in Haiti. If you have any inquiries about the Haiti Christian Development Fund, please do not pause to contact us. We are accessible to answer your questions. You can contact us through the Let’s Chat option online, a telephone call or you can easily fill out the form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, you can also subscribe to emails by filling out our form at the end of the webpage.

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