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The history of a school in Brigué called "Lekl Bon secours," which was founded in 1999/2000 with 25 students and the support of the local church.
The school began with limited resources and faced numerous challenges, such as insufficient student space and a lack of basic materials such as desks and chairs.
Despite these challenges, the school has been successful in teaching many children in their communities to read and write, and parents continue to send their children to the school.
However, the school still requires substantial assistance in terms of construction and other areas.

This is a brief history of Bon Secours School in Brigue, which later became La Genèse de Brigue, the 5th section of Petit-Goâve. In 1998, the church of Brigue affiliated with the Baptist Evangelical Church of Fond-des-Blancs (Gaspé), and Mario Clerjeune became its pastor.

One day, Mario asked me if there was still a school in the area. I confirmed that there was, as I was teaching in a local school while still a student. Then he said to me, "You can't leave your house to sweep, to go to others." From that moment on, he realized the importance of opening a school. We sat down with the church committee to open the school in the name of what it is: Good Relief of Brigue. The school started with two young brothers named JEAN Fritznel and JEAN Pierre Wilfrantz in 1999/2000. We started with around 25 students, and Maya Eagle gave us 500 gourdes per month to share with the teachers. Though the money was not enough, we were committed to providing education to the community. From that day until today, we have taught many children to read and write in their regions, including a large part of the Tigwav commune in Maragwan and Côte-de-Fer.

However, the school situation was challenging as we never had a proper building to receive the children. We always had to look for wood, stains, palm leaves, etc., to create makeshift classrooms. Managing the school presented several problems, including leaky roofs during rainy seasons. Despite these challenges, parents were always interested in the school, and the teachers were committed to their work. Unfortunately, we have never had materials such as desks and chairs, and the school needs significant support in construction and other areas.

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