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Holistic Development for Whole and Healthy Communities

The only way to restore, heal, and help communities to thrive again is through holistic development. When places like Haiti endure the type of catastrophic events like they have, more than a few things can get broken.

Restoring these communities will often require addressing systems such as infrastructure and government, and healing community assets such as its educational system or business and industry sectors. It can also involve helping to restore the morale of communities or even providing hope and light in a moment of darkness. That is holistic development.

Thank you for stopping by the Haiti Christian Development Fund. We look forward to helping and showing you to get involved and to make a difference today. Do you have farming expertise? Are you an educator, or would you just like to help? The job in Haiti is a big one, and it will take more than a few of us to get the job done, but with every hand, heart, and contribution, the job of holistic development gets closer to being done.

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