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On August 14 at 8:29am EST a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, larger than 2010's earthquake and the largest in 200 years rocked Haiti's southern peninsula. Les Cayes was devastatingly hit. With death toll rising and subsequent aftershocks a disastrous situation may somehow get worst with tropical storm Grace approaching. The hospital in Les Cayes is already overrun with injured people and cannot receive any more people.

We are devastated by these recent events. Our beautiful Haiti was already dealing with too much. Fond des Blancs is about 60 miles from Les Cayes and felt the strength of the earthquake. Early reports were indicating there were few to no real property damage in the Fond des Blancs, but as word of mouth spreads reports from are coming in that some places may have experienced serious damage. We are still not hearing of any casualties. We will try to keep everyone updated as news develops.

Food shortage is and will continue to be a serious problem in the coming the weeks. To help assist Jubilee Farms is sending a couple tons of beans and corn to Les Cayes. The farm was an initiative that started soon after the 2010 earthquake. It was started with various goals in mind and we are thankful to be able to provide assistance during this period of crisis. 

We must all still keep sustainability in mind and try to always participate in Haiti first initiatives. To meet this moment, we must all also think about the future, the next crisis or disaster, be it 2 years from now or 11. How do we pave the way for a healthy Haiti, a Haiti that is self-sufficient. Haiti does not need saviors; we saw that in 2010. Haiti doesn't even need partners; Haiti needs to allowed to lead it owns initiatives and be provided with the space and resources it needs to achieve self-sustainability. As all our hearts break and mourn for Haiti, let us not forget to also listen. 

Many different avenues to help will be presented by countless Non-Profit organizations in the coming days and weeks, please keep what you have read in mind as you decide how you want to participate in the work towards creating a stronger Haiti, now and in the future.  ​

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



How to help

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who has reached with the desire to help. It has been a little over week since the earthquake and here are our pressing needs.

  • Beds and home goods for teachers who have lost their homes. We are preparing spaces for them, but are lacking some of things to meet their basic needs.

  • A reconstruction fund for damaged and lost homes that we wish to tie into a cooperative insurance plan to can be used to served the community now and into the future. (more info will be available in the coming weeks).

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