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The Genesis: The Evangelical School of Bodwen in Haiti is facing a major financial problem, resulting in decreased enrollment and negative consequences for students and teachers. Parents cannot afford to pay for school, and the school cannot afford to buy necessary supplies. As a result, many parents have withdrawn their children from school, and teachers are struggling to facilitate learning without adequate resources. The proposal is to request annual financial support to make the school free and improve the quality of education. This will help prepare responsible citizens and restore the confidence of the community.

The Genesis: The Evangelical School of Bodwen is a Haitian institution that was founded in 1982 to provide education to children in the area. However, since 2015, the school has faced various difficulties, including a decrease in the number of students from 160 to 50, lack of money to pay teachers, and inability to buy school supplies. The main reasons for these problems include parents' inability to pay school fees due to the economic situation in the area and the inability of the school to find economic means to purchase school supplies. This has resulted in negative consequences, including parents withdrawing their children from school to seek benefits elsewhere and teachers experiencing despair and desperation due to financial problems.To address this situation, the leaders of the Evangelical Church of Bodwen and La Genez: Evangelical School of Bodwen agreed to request annual financial support to make the school free, pay teachers, and purchase school materials so that teachers can improve the quality of teaching. This will help the school achieve its goal of offering quality education and become free so that all children can come and receive education without any problem. This will restore the confidence of 70% of local residents who send their children away in search of pedagogical penalties that have no guarantee of providing good education.

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